shooting at the office

9 March 2020

When reliable friends are good business partners

Today, the professional photography and media service company Strider Pictures is shooting at The Office, where vk*p business advisors have their headquarters.

The shooting will serve as a promotional video for The Office and vk*p will be interviewed for the purpose of the video.

We are extremely happy to be involved since the two companies, The Office and Strider Pictures, are great partners but above all very close friends.

Strider Pictures is a company founded and managed by Kevin TCHOBANIAN, a young Monegasque entrepreneur and artist.

Kevin has decided to launch his company in 2017, after having been a marketing professional for 7 years and a music artist (he still is) since early childhood, playing the guitar (and other instruments too) in a couple of rock bands that have produced various songs and have been giving concerts in Europe and Asia.

Strider Pictures is an outstanding service provider we highly recommend when it comes to visual arts and audio-visual projects in general.

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