Business setup and management

In the Principality, setting up or taking over a business, as well as carrying out any profession, is subject to prior authorisation by the Prince’s Government.

Obtaining such authorisation could be extremely challenging and time consuming when not familiar enough with the Monegasque specificities and / or using wrong advisors.

Based on our extensive experience in business set-up and management as Government representatives in charge of business creation and personal relocation vk*p will walk you through all stages of the life of your company, from its early research stage to its daily management and development strategy.

We offer personalised services including (but not limited to) research, start-up and business strategy, assistance with administrative procedures as well as connections / linkage and marketing and sales advisory.

Relocation to Monaco

You are considering or have decided moving to the Principality?

The formidable weather, indisputable safety, renown political and economic stability and, why not, the chance of taking a coffee, a meal right by international celebrities have convinced you that the Principality of Monaco is the place to live for you and your family and time has come to make your move ?

Still you worry : short and Long distance moving are stressful. You need answers to your questions about how to become a resident, find the right apartment in Monaco, the right school for your child(ren), obtain your Monaco driver’s license and register your car, etc. and the moving checklist goes on and on …

Worry no more, simply enjoy your relocation experience. vk*p takes care of your international relocation, stress free. We will walk you through all the steps of your personal / family relocation to Monaco, provide you with a practical moving guide and moving tips. Our relocation package includes from your Visa application (if applicable) to defining your needs and expectations in terms of housing, helping and advising with children’s registration in school, etc  …

You can rely on our professionalism and thorough knowledge of Monaco’s Administration and private actors to simplify your relocation, leaving you with the only obligation of relaxing, unwinding and enjoying your relocation benefits, every aspects of your new life in Monaco and why not, consider as well a business relocation and / or set up.