Who we are

vk*p (Van Klaveren & Pazzaglia) is an advisory firm in charge of facilitating business (whatever business structure : Sole trader, Limited Liability Compamy – SARL, etc..) in Monaco and advising you in the development of your projects through breakthrough analysis, pragmatic approach and using an extensive network of contacts.

vk*p is a venture that took hold naturally a while ago without us knowing it.

In essence, it is the story of two young men, Pierre Van Klaveren and Aymeric Pazzaglia, who barely knew each other and happened to work together, helping out entrepreneurs and investors in handling their projects in Monaco. We were in charge of supporting them while starting their own business or developping business activity by finding new business resources, angel investors and / or general partners, etc.

Our collaboration soon proved to be a winning professional team, to before it naturally became friendship.

The team

Pierre and Aymeric obviously have things in common and surprisingly have different personalities.

Whereas one has a master’s degree in communication and international relations, and holds significant political and social positions in the Principality, the other has graduated in business administration, with an enriching professional experience and a strong ability in public speaking as an amateur actor.

This pair has a set of skills that are crucial to doing business and growing your business, especially in Monaco. In order words for entrepreneurs to become successful business people.

They have a combined 16-year business experience as Monaco Government Representatives, in charge of set up of business entities, business registration, business organization and private relocations, with a track record of + 3000 people informed and guided on business and residency matters, + 700 companies set up in Monaco.

Pierre and Aymeric have a perfect knowledge of Monaco’s environment, and have ties with numerous key contacts in most of Governmental Services, hence massively facilitating formalities to create a business, into others.

Although being “locals” of Monaco, they are perfectly fluent in four languages (FR/EN/IT/SP) and have an extensive international network.

Pierre van Klaveren

Elected member of the Monaco Parliament (Conseil National de Monaco)

President of Special Olympics Monaco (association for the integration of the mentally disabled people through sport).

Graduated in Communication (Master Sunshine Coast University – Australia) and International Relations (Master IE Business School Madrid)

Fluent in French, English and Spanish with basic knowledge in Portuguese

Aymeric Pazzaglia

Prominent public speaker, 100+ conferences

Strong project management abilities and advanced interpersonal skills

Graduated in Business Administration (B.Sc. at the International University of Monaco) with solid knowledge in sales and finance (corporate and investment banking)

Fluent in French, English and Italian

Our values

Out of any spiritual considerations, we believe that in business nowadays enterprises all need a global approach to their matters while at the same time they require specialists in some areas. We think there is a space for everyone within the economy, especially in the broad business consulting area.

You start your business? Need to register your business? Are a small business owner? In any case, If you need a legal advice, you go and see a lawyer. If you need an accounting advice, you go and see an accountant.

And if you need a business advice, you go and see a business advisory firm like ours, able to deliver a one of a kind analysis and help transform a business idea into a new business entity rapidly generating business income. We facilitate your projects at all stages, from market research, writing a business plan to company set-up, opening up business bank account, daily business analysis and management, to planning growth and expansion.

Moreover, we aim at delivering a high-quality service at a fair price. Transparency is our moto and so is the way we conduct business with our clients and partners. Regardless of the type of business you are about to undertake with us, you can be sure that we will be straight forward with you on our abilities to perform the task, your chances of success and our pricing policy. We know that starting a business is a full-time job, we aim at making it as simple as possible for you.


vk*p business advisors

c/o The Office, 17 Avenue Albert 2, l’Albu
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